Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alexander, Phyllis & Aristotle

Wenzel von Olmütz, c.1500
Alexander the Great just conquered India and was resting with his Girlfriend Phyllis. His teacher, Aristotle,  did not give them room and kept reprove his former pupil. Phyllis decided to take revenge and make Aristotle forget all his grammar and logic in one day. In the morning, She invited Alexander to watch from a window, went to the garden and start signing. Aristotle heard the song, saw Her beauty in the morning sun, came out to Her and courted Her like a lover. She asked for a proof of his devotion.
Georg Pencz, c.1545
'It is merely a little whim of mine,' she said, 'if you will gratify me in that, I might love you. If you let me ride about the garden on your back. And you must have a saddle on because then I shall go more gracefully.'
Hans Burgkmair the Elder, c.1519
And there was the foremost scholar of the time prancing about on all fours like a horse, with a saucy and beautiful Girl on his back. When he saw Alexander in the window, the great philosopher was not overwhelmed. Still crawling he looked up at the king: 'Master, was I not right to fear love for you in all the ardor of youth, since love has harnessed me thus, I who am old and withered!'
Master MZ, c.1500

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