Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Edward Hopper and masochism

Edward Hopper (1882-1967), a prominent American painter, created his ambitious 'Soir bleu' in 1914. Widely ignored by critics at the time (how characteristic for truly masochistic works), today the painting is usually translated into 'a prostitute and a clown'. But it does not make much sense - i see Mistress and Her sub in cold and distant society, they are alone among all kinds of people, people that are not connected to each other - and only the Mistress and Her sub are showing their real colorful faces... sadly, there is a distance between them also... the evening is blue, dark blue...
The painting was inspired by poem from Arthur Rimbaud:

Through blue summer nights i will pass along paths,
Packed by wheat, trampling short grass:
Dreaming, i will feel coolness underfoot,
Will let breezes bathe my bare head.

Not a word, not a though:
Boundless love will surge through my soul

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