Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Roger Vivier

Coronation shoes of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Roger Vivier (1913-1998), the 'Fragonard of the shoe' was one of the most innovative fashion designers of the last century. He is commonly considered to be an inventor of stiletto (not true), he created pilgrim buckle shoes popularized by Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour, the thigh-high boots popularized by Bridget Bardot and also, and he became famous for it, the jewel encrusted shoes for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation (just imagine, a British Monarch receiving the crown in French shoes). 
Bridget Bardot & Vivier's Boots
Catherine Deneuve & Pilgrim pumps
Vivier's shoes seemed avant-garde but quickly become classics. Today his shoes can be found in many museums around the world, his footwear still sells well and his designs are still copied by others. Originally i wanted to share something else, but let's leave it for next entry... here is just a little taste:

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