Saturday, August 3, 2013

The First Birthday

It is year today since i was born. i was looking for a Mistress, real Mistress and real Ds. i was looking for a relationship, closeness, somebody to share my fantasies with. i was tired of living in fantasies. It is a year today since i met Her. The Mistress. My Mistress. There is not enough superlatives to praise HER. SHE took my life and changed it, changed it for better. SHE changed me. And i am a better person now thanks to HER. i am HER slave, but not only that. i am all HERS.

i was so foolish. i was looking for a Mistress, but i have found the most beautiful person i could ever imagine. Somebody you want to serve not only because of Ds itself, because of your fantasies and your satisfaction and HER fantasies and HER excitement, but because you want to make that person happy, you want to see HER smiling, and you want to be with HER so much, that all time of this world is not enough. You simply want to be a part of HER universe and it seems like the only thing that really matters.

Oh, Goddesses, i swore to myself that i would not use big words. And here we are... At least no fancy pictures today. This entry it is not about Ds, about fantasy, about sex or excitement. About loneliness. It is about celebration of life, and beauty and relationship. i hate myself for all these useless years, for my hopelessness... but i am alive today, SHE did find me. i met HER. And even if i would be allowed to show HER picture to all of you, you would see gorgeous Woman, oh, so pretty, but it could not show you HER soul, HER inner beauty, HER personality.

i am 1 today. i am grateful. What a year! It is just good that you do not know what lies ahead. Thank YOU, my Mistress, thank YOU for everything.


  1. it looks to me, like many years already

  2. Thank you. The time is crazy. Looking back this year was one quick moment, but most of the time it also felt like every second took forever.