Thursday, November 14, 2013


Everybody lucky enough to know my Mistress simply must love Her, Her femininity, the way She smiles, how She speaks, some are also allowed to enjoy the warmth She exudes, but probably there is nothing more intoxicating than Her scent. How to describe the scent more subtle then scent of the sky? The scent you would like to breathe forever? The most glorious scent that is disgracing every perfume you can purchase? The scent that leaves you simply stunned? Drowned in perfection and grace of Her body and personality?
Is it just an imagination blooming in my poor head? No! Her scent, Her aura, Her electricity is a primer for the deflagration of sensations, emotions, desires, incontrollable dejavus that flood and wrap me like honey and make me disappear in unparalleled moments of wellbeing that can be achieved only through devotion.

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