Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two Years

Two years ago a Midsummer Night's magic brought something unpredictable and most supernatural into my life. The Mistress, i should write here, my dearest Mistress... For last two years i have lived in 24/7 Ds relationship with You, my Mistress, and i would like to thank You for everything, for every single minute of it.

Thank You for giving me a chance that fairytale night two years ago. i know it was not easy. Thank You for giving me a chance every single day after it. i can only hope i was able to give You something back.

You changed my life. You changed me - forever. And my world is much better place to be now - with You in it. All Ds aside, YOU are truly wonderful Woman and really great person. And from the bottom of my heart, i wish You all the best.

With deepest gratitude, Thank You, my Mistress!

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