Saturday, August 11, 2012

Smiles of a Summer Night

i feel so happy. i am allowed to serve HER. And i was allowed to see HER again! The summer night's dream continues. Now i know the most exquisite tastes of HER shoe soles, HER chewing gum and water brought to me by HER hand. i also had the privilege to serve as HER ashtray and SHE allowed me to feel the hot end of HER cigarillo. Oh, Goddess, what will happen next time?

And i begged, begged and begged to be allowed to repair HER notebook, to take care of it for HER and SHE granted me that privilege as well. I feel so honored. What a great weekend i am allowed to spend, working for HER! Thank YOU, my Mistress, thank YOU very much.

i feel also very bad. What a repulsive creature i am next to HER. i am working hard on my diet and exercises, but SHE knows and i know it will take a long time before i will be able to kneel at HER feet without shame, before SHE will not be embarrassed by my presence.  SHE knows what SHE wants and SHE gets it.

SHE is so kind to me, yet i constantly worry i will disappoint HER. Not for lack of diligence or submissiveness, not because i do not hold my promises, but because in HER presence i become incredibly nervous, tongue tied idiot without any thought. i am so intoxicated by HER personality, HER beauty, elegance and domination that i am starting to understand the religious trance. i am fully aware of what i am doing, what is going on around me, what SHE is doing, i am probably also capable to act voluntarily to certain extend, but otherwise i am there for HER and for HER only and everything but HER is far far distant background.

SHE is my Mistress!

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