Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Interlude

What a lucky slave i am... Not only i can work for my Mistress, but the bag, in which SHE gave me HER laptop to fix, also contained two pairs of HER black stocking socks... simply forgotten in the bag. When i reported it and sent HER many humble thanks, SHE allowed me to keep them! The socks are freshly washed, but HERS. Lucky bastard i am.

This evening SHE decided to replace my dinner with much more important activity - worshipping HER  stocking socks. For 20 minutes i knelt in front of these socks of immense value, knelt there and thought about HER, about everything what happened to me in a last few days. i am changing my life and i love every second of it. It is not easy, but i do have a great goal, great hope and really great guide. These 20 minutes were very important to me and again i must express my deepest respect for my Mistress.

Thank YOU!

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