Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hic sunt leones!

Art by Cecelia Webber
The magical weekend has passed. i was allowed to see my Mistress for 3-4 minutes, but what an experience it was! me, HER slave, kneeling before HER in HER hotel room, with HER boyfriend lying in the bed behind the wall, listening to everything, and me thanking HER for the privilege of arranging the weekend for HER, for making sure everything is ready and just perfect for HER, for allowing me to pay for HER weekend night in such magnificent hotel, the night dedicated to HER and HER boyfriend. And i could see SHE is happy and SHE is satisfied and i was allowed to enter HER room and kiss the floor beneath HER feet and thank HER and beg HER to accept the tickets for Christmas concert. And SHE was beautiful and SHE stood above me and i felt HER sovereignty, i felt the intimate atmosphere of Their romantic night, the glow They had left in the room. And SHE allowed me to be a part of it and i am so grateful to HER.

SHE let me enter HER world, the Paradise, the Heaven. Now SHE guides me through Purgatory but on Sunday SHE allowed me to see the First sphere of the Heaven and i am happy and thankful and i cannot wait to go further and i know i will do everything i can for HER. i am so happy. SHE is my Mistress and i am HER slave. HERS. Thank you, my Mistress, thank YOU for everything.

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