Monday, February 11, 2013

Ds dynamics

i originally wrote this as an answer to otrok vul in our discussion under previous entry in this blog. However, the subject seems to me to be quite important, so i am making it a separate entry:

The Ds relationship dynamics is interesting indeed. i do not like the pain itself and frankly, i am afraid of it, but my Mistress is making me to like it by simple fact that She likes it... and She enjoys it even more because i like it for that reason... and i love Her and love the pain because She allows me to make Her happy that way. And that is, at the end, the only purpose of the slave - to make the Mistress feel good and happy.

Maybe it is the most important purpose of every relationship - to make the other one happy. And to make yourself happy by giving yourself to the other. There are thousands ways to do it and i am so lucky that i can share one with the Mistress of my heart.

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