Monday, August 27, 2012

Julio Ruelas as masochist

Julio Ruelas (1870 - 1907) was a prominent artist of Mexican symbolism. He spent six years on his short life in Europe and adopted European symbolist mode of expression. Judging by his work his relationship to Women was quite complicated. His Women are often related to death, violence or animal predators. Such pictures resonated well with the shared cultural atmosphere that marked the turn of the century. But one of his paintings is very special. i believe it is his response to well known drawing of Felicien Rops called 'La Dame au cochon ou Pornokrat├ęs' from 1879.
Many see the picture as a part of the BDSM history, as an iconic work that established the basis of sadomasochistic aesthetic of the 20th century. But nothing could be farther from the truth. The Women is blinded, led by the golden pig and She is naked like we all are trying to find happiness in this world. And the three ancient loves are vanishing in tears... It is a social commentary, not the BDSM picture.
But Ruelas did not agree... he could not agree... the Woman cannot be passive victim of illusions. In his painting 'La Domadora' from 1897 She wears the same shoes, stockings and a hat, but She has also a whip in Her hand. She is the pig's trainer, She makes the pig to run for Her, run in circles, run with a monkey on its back. She owns the pig. She transformed man into a dirty, lascivious animal. She tempts men only to punish them afterwards. This is THE masochistic painting and it should be recognized as such.

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