Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday morning

i am missing words to describe my feelings - simply, it is unbelievable how lucky i am. With every whipping i am coming more out of my shell, with every face slap i flourish like a flower. And SHE is my soil and water and sun. SHE is the sun of my life. i am waking up and falling asleep with HER smile in my mind. SHE restores my faith in people. i trust HER. It is not only about Ds for me, it is also about connection with HER. i love the Ds part, oh yes, i love it very much, but SHE is not only perfect Mistress, SHE is also a great Woman, so charming and so intelligent, and i adore HER as beautiful person. SHE knows Herself, SHE knows what SHE wants and it is great privilege to be with HER, to serve HER, to worship HER and submit to HER. SHE makes me a better person. Wow... i am missing right words to describe my feelings.

Thank YOU, my Mistress, thank YOU for everything.

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